Why CruiseAlly

CruiseAlly simplifies the cruise booking experience by matching you with your ideal cruise vacation through personalized, data-driven results.

At CruiseAlly, we believe that finding your ideal cruise vacation should be easy, convenient – and even enjoyable. We also believe finding your ideal cruise should take minutes – not hours. Why choose between your time and the quality of your vacation when you can have both? That’s why we built CruiseAlly. We want to be your ally in cruising! We’re here for you before, during, and after your travel.

  • Save Time with our industry-first cruise matching system. 
  • Get Personal with recommendations based on your preferences. 
  • Plan with MyCircle: Access unique features to plan your ideal cruise with friends and family.
  • No-Nonsense Pricing: Our transparent pricing approach ensures you know all cruise costs – upfront.
  • All-in-One Hub: Access essential, reliable, and easy-to-understand cruise information – all in one place.
  • Support: We’re here for you before, during, and after your cruise!
  • Free: CruiseAlly is free to use. You’re welcome 🙂


How does it Work?

Simply put, we analyze tens of thousands of unique data points to cut through the noise. Our proprietary algorithm, which we have affectionately dubbed Captain, crunches the numbers so you don’t have to! Captain brings your best cruise options to the top! Like a good captain at sea, Captain stays up to date with the latest trends to navigate you towards your ideal cruise.

CruiseAlly’s focus is to ensure that you come first in everything we do. When we started this project, we asked ourselves: By utilizing the technologies that are available, how could we create a better booking experience to show that there is indeed a cruise for everyone? We think you’ll agree that we’ve succeeded. =)

Who is Captain?

Captain is our internal nickname for our proprietary system of algorithms and datasets that inform our recommendations! Captain was designed by a satellite software engineer to compare tens of thousands of unique data points to cut through the noise to find your ideal cruise!

Does this Replace Travel Advisors?

Absolutely not! While you will not need to work with a travel advisor if you use CruiseAlly, we believe the travel advisor community is a critical component to a successful and growing cruise industry.

At CruiseAlly, our mission is to uplift the entire cruise industry – and that includes travel advisors! In 2024, AdvisorAlly, a part of our proprietary recommendations system, will be made accessible to travel advisors and agencies alike. AdvisorAlly – our love letter to the travel advisor community – will enable travel advisors to more efficiently identify and compare the right cruises for their clients.

Travel advisors and agencies will be able to utilize this system in conjunction with their current booking providers – there are no software or provider change requirements! A valid and active CLIA or IATA number will be needed to access this feature.