Talking SHIP

Welcome to the CruiseAlly cruise blog!  We “talk ship” with the best of them and soon you will too!  This cruise blog offers cruise tips and tricks that will have you talking ship and sailing in no time! As passionate cruisers we’ll also post first hand cruise experiences as a resource to current and future sailors alike.

Justin Tait, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CruiseAlly

Learn about CruiseAlly’s Founder and CEO, Justin Tait, who once accidently cut off Mark Zuckerberg in the hallways of Meta. Today, Justin leads CruiseAlly with passion and a clear vision.

Planking at Sea and Nauti Cruise Behavior

Learn the unwritten rules of cruise behavior with CruiseAlly! From daring stunts to unexpected ejections, discover the dos and don’ts of smooth cruise sailing.

Cruising Internationally: Essential Websites for Americans Before Travel

Cruising internationally? Learn about essential web resources like National Passport Info, US Department of State, TSA, and more for cruising abroad.

Cruise Tipping: Sorting Out Cruise Ship Gratuity

Cruise tipping! Learn all about tipping on a cruise, ensuring your crew is well cared for. Every dollar makes a difference in the lives of dedicated crews.

Arrive Home Happy

Cruising is awesome, returning home is hard. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips to make the adulting of real life easier on yourself post cruise.

Sorry, Not Sorry, We’re Cruising!

Research calls! Our commitment to research, and providing you with impeccably matched cruise search results, is abundantly evident by this delay. #WorthIt